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As Özpa Tekstil, it has been continuing its activities with the TONY MONTANA brand since 2000 by improving its production power in the men's clothing sector, which has been continuing since 1994. Its priority with its wide production capacity, production facilities with the most up-to-date technology; Our brand, which aims to create "Quality Products", carries out its production with an understanding of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Turkey and delivering their products to many points in the world, Tony Montana; ranging from knitwear to shirts, from jackets to t-shirts; It is the determinant of fashion with its wide collections covering all the products that may be needed in men's clothing.

With its expert design team and the Production / Planning team that provides high quality products, it exports directly to 50 different points around the world; It creates "Your Fashion" with the motto "The Fashion Is Yours".

Our Vision

Turkey and in the world; To be the brand with the highest customer satisfaction in the men's clothing sector with the triangle of "Right Product-Right Price-High Quality"

Our Values

Trust: The perception that is aimed to be composed of institutions and individuals, focused on the product and service offered. Quality: An understanding of production realized with a high quality understanding in all products. Continuity: Brand positioning preferred by institutions and individuals in every field needed.

Social Responsibility

With a strong sense of social responsibility, since the day it was founded; not just for commercial gain; Our brand, which has made it a mission to benefit the society with the projects it has pioneered; He continues his studies in the field of social responsibility with many foundations he founded.







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